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The Law Firm provides legal assistance to both individual clients and economic entities, representing them in court and out-of-court matters. We render day-to-day legal services to entrepreneurs concerning their economic activities.

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The Law Firm guarantees a highly professional level of services provided by lawyers specializing in different fields of law. Our activities are founded on the premise of reliability and timeliness as well as well-established communication with clients who are regularly informed on the status of matters handled by the Law Firm.

We provide our clients with comprehensive and professional legal assistance, including collaboration with notaries and the offices of court bailiffs, tax advisors, sworn translators and patent attorneys. The Law Firm renders services in English, German and Turkish.

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The Law Firm offers legal assistance in all fields of law. The following catalog is of a non-exhaustive nature. Should you have any questions, please contact us.


  • representation of individual clients and economic entities in court proceedings
  • preparation of civil law opinions
  • preparation and assessment of civil law agreements
  • cases for payment, including preparation of requests for payment, assistance in amicable dispute settlement and representation in court proceedings
  • proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings, including preparation of motions to commence enforcement proceedings and complaints about bailiff's actions, filing anti-enforcement suits
  • inheritance law cases, including in particular carrying out proceedings on ascertainment of inheritance, acquisition and division as well as cases concerning legitime [portion of a parent's estate of which they cannot disinherit their children without a legal cause], assistance in drawing up wills
  • cases regarding real estate, carrying out land and mortgage registry proceedings, dissolution of co-ownership
  • usucaption [ownership by lengthy possession] cases
  • cases concerning establishment of easement
  • cases for claims in respect of personal rights infringement
  • cases regarding claims for damages
  • assistance in pursuing claims for medical malpractice
  • cases concerning personal bankruptcy
  • cases for damages for construction defects


  • divorce and separation cases
  • cases concerning settlement of parental authority, including deprivation or limitation of parental authority and settlement of visitation rights with respect to the children
  • cases for alimony/child support with regard to awarding, increasing or reducing the amount of maintenance pensions as well as discharging a maintenance obligation
  • cases concerning division of joint property of spouses, including settlement of expenditures and profits, settlement of joint credits and other encumbrances
  • adoption cases
  • cases concerning incapacitation and establishment of custody over an incapacitated person
  • cases regarding determination and denial of paternity and maternity


  • defense in preparatory proceedings before law enforcement agencies and financial authorities, conducting preparatory proceedings and defense in court proceedings
  • victim rights protection, representation before law enforcement agencies and courts as an auxiliary prosecutor
  • representation before courts as a subsidiary or private prosecutor
  • defense in cases prosecuted as petty offenses
  • defense in criminal-fiscal proceedings
  • defense in preparatory proceedings, i.e., handling cases concerning deferment or interruption of execution of a sentence, conditional release from serving a full sentence of imprisonment as well as suspension of sentence execution
  • handling cases regarding imposing an aggregate sentence


  • representation of employees and employers before labor courts
  • counselling on employment and social security law, including preparation of opinions and legal information
  • legal assistance in establishment and termination of employment relationships, including assessment and preparation of draft employment contracts and mandate contracts, considering confidentiality and non-competition clauses
  • legal assistance in preparation of in-company documents, especially regulations and instructions
  • employee reinstatement cases
  • cases for compensation for unfair termination or dissolution of an employment contract
  • cases for payment of overtime remuneration
  • cases for establishment of the existence of an employment relationship
  • cases for remuneration for work and other benefits linked to an employment relationship, including payment in lieu of unused leave
  • cases for payment of non-financial employee benefits
  • cases for claims in respect of mobbing and discrimination at the workplace
  • cases for issuance and correction of an employment record
  • cases for claims and compensation in respect of accidents at work
  • counselling in employees' personal data protection


  • preparation of contracts for commercial companies and partnerships
  • establishment and registration of companies and partnerships in the National Court Register
  • transformation, merger and division of companies
  • comprehensive legal support of economic entities
  • legal support during management board, and supervisory board meetings and general meetings, including assistance in preparation, development of documentation and resolutions of company's bodies
  • handling cases of companies, shareholders and members of the management boards before courts as well as state and local bodies
  • representation in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings
  • handling cases concerning repealing, declaring the invalidity of resolutions
  • cases regarding civil and criminal liability of the management board members


  • preparation and negotiation of license agreements and transfer of copyright agreements, agreements concerning proprietary copyrights to computer software, databases, know-how
  • registration of trademarks, industrial designs and utility models in the Patent Office
  • representation before the Patent Office and courts in industrial property law cases
  • representation and handling criminal and civil cases concerning acts of unfair competition, infringements of copyrights, patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and derivative rights


  • representation before administrative bodies in administrative proceedings, including preparation of appeals against administrative decisions
  • handling administrative cases before administrative courts, including preparation of complaints to administrative courts
  • handling cases before tax authorities, including revenue offices and tax audit offices
  • preparation of legal opinions on substantive administrative law
  • legal support of entities in sanitary provisions
  • legal assistance in the scope of construction law


  • legalization of residence and employment of foreigners in Poland: preparation of applications for a temporary residence permit, EU long-term residence permit and permanent residence permit; representation of a foreigner before state and local administration bodies and courts
  • legal support in obtaining work permits for foreigners: preparation of applications; representation of foreigners and entities entrusting work before state and local administration bodies and courts
  • legal support in obtaining and replacement of a foreigner's residence card
  • assistance in obtaining invitations and national visas, Schengen visas and extension of visas
  • assistance in obtaining the status of a refugee and related protection
  • legal support in applying for Polish citizenship, proceedings for acknowledgment of Polish citizenship
  • counselling in purchasing real estate by foreigners
  • obtaining permits for the acquisition of real estate located in Poland


  • preparation of constitutions of associations and foundations' memoranda of association
  • establishment and registration of associations and foundations in the National Court Register
  • comprehensive legal support of associations and foundations
  • legal support of management board meetings, general meetings of members and other bodies of associations and foundations
O Kancelarii


Jacek Bigajczyk Adwokat Jacek Bigajczyk

Attorney-at-lawJACEK BIGAJCZYK

He graduated with a degree in Law from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in 1999. After his studies, he started a legal apprenticeship under the auspices of attorney-at-law Mariusz Neyder. Since 2003, he has been an attorney-at-law at the District Bar Chamber in Poznan and an active member of the bar association. In the years 2010 - 2013 he was a member of the District Bar Council in Poznan.


She graduated with a degree in Law from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in 1996 and completed postgraduate studies in Knowledge of Europe and European Integration at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at Adam Mickiewicz University and postgraduate studies in Intellectual Property Protection at the University of Warsaw. She completed a course in German Law at the "Viadrina" European University in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. She has been listed in the register of legal counsels kept by the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Poznan since 2002 and is an active member of the association of legal counsels. Her specialization includes Business Trading and Intellectual Property Law.

Radca Prawny Karolina Felerowicz Radca Prawny karolina Felerowicz
Grażyna Przybyla-Juszczak Adwokat Grażyna Przybyła-Juszczak


She is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. After her studies she completed a legal apprenticeship under the auspices of attorney-at-law, Marian Kokociński, PhD - an outstanding specialist in Labor and Criminal Law. In 2003 she passed the bar examination with a very good grade and, thereafter, has been an attorney-at-law at the District Bar Chamber in Poznan. She completed multiple courses in the Law on Sanitary Protection and has over a dozen years of experience in litigation and ongoing legal support of companies. Her specialization includes Criminal, Family and Civil Law. She is valued for high competence and perceptive handling of cases entrusted to her, resulting in successful appearances in the courtroom.

Attorney-at-lawAnita Tuliszka-Gümüş

She graduated with a degree in Law from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in 1996. She also completed postgraduate studies in European Union Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She received scholarships from the London School of Economics and Political Science in London and Queen Mary University of London. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science in London - she completed her studies and earned the title of Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law and Economic Law. She also completed postgraduate studies in English Law and European Union Law at Middlesex University in London. She has worked for British and American law firms and collaborates with British, American and Turkish law firms. Her specialization includes support of economic entities, including foreign entities and clients as well as cases concerning intellectual property and protection from unfair competition. She provides her services in both English and Turkish.

Adwokat Anita Tuliszka-Gümüş ADWOKAT Anita Tuliszka-Gümüş
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We work with clients based on long-term agreements and individual assignments.

The remuneration for services is set:

as a lump sum, whose amount is determined individually, depending on the case's nature and complexity;

hourly - an hourly rate is determined individually with a client.

The remuneration set as above shall be increased by VAT tax pursuant to applicable provisions. Assignments are accepted based on the execution of an agreement or granting of a power of attorney.



ul. Kościelna 30/40, 60-538 Poznań
tel/fax: 61 853 26 34

attorney-at-law Jacek Bigajczyk

mobile: +48 605 429 646

legal counsel Karolina Felerowicz

mobile: +48 601 694 971

attorney-at-law Grażyna Przybyła-Juszczak

mobile: +48 606 499 225

attorney-at-law Anita Tuliszka-Gümüş

mobile: +48 609 137 209
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